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Anne Bercht book My Husband's Affair Became The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

An inspiring true story of one couple's journey to healing after the devastation of betrayal

This Book is for Everyone! Spellbinding, Suspenseful & Compelling From Tragedy to Triumph

My Husband's Affair Became The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me is the bestselling ground-breaking book about surviving a marital affair, the recovery journey, and coming out stronger and more in love than ever. It is courageous, bold and honest. In this book you'll learn how to prevent affairs, how to survive an affair and how to support friends or family who are struggling with affairs.

Portrait of Brian Bercht

After nearly two decades of marriage to a sexy, loving woman - with whom I made love almost every night - I came home from work one evening and told her I was moving out and leaving her for another woman. Luckily for me, my wife refused to give up on our marriage. We are now closer and more committed than ever. But, you're probably wondering: if I loved my wife so much, why did I do it? In this book, I have answered that question.

Brian (husband)
Portrait of Anne Bercht

Yes, my husband's affair became the best thing that ever happened to me. But, it was also the most devastating experience of my life. There was a time when I wondered if I could even live through it. I tell the whole story in this book. This book proves you can survive an affair and become a better, happier and stronger person and couple on the other side of the crisis.

Anne (wife)

What people are saying

"Riveting...Mesmerizing...I couldn't put the book down."

My Husband's Affair deliberately removes itself from providing the theoretical and psychological explanations for the why of infidelity and instead purposes to take readers on a gut-honest, courageous, straight-from-the-heart journey into the lives of a couple/family who endured the aftermath of an affair. A must-read before couples, facing infidelity, make life decisions they may later regret. This book provides an alternative to the expected... hope that it's not over.

Don HustonBTh, MC, RCC, Couples Therapist

This book makes a wonderful contribution to the growing willingness of couples to "break the code of silence" and share their experience with affairs in order to help others. It offers clear insight into the pain involved as well as great hope for the power to recover and rebuild the marriage.

Peggy VaughanAuthor of "The Monogamy Myth" and Host of

For too long too many have suffered in silence because of the stigma associated with affairs. This book gives an honest look at the reality of betrayal and offers hope through the testimony of one brave couple.

Margie ThalerA Reader

What a ride! Anne captures her marital journey in a way that leaves you feeling as if you've just completed a double loop on a roller coaster...only to realize there's another one coming! After reading their story, I see Anne and Brian as champions of honesty, commitment, perseverance and true love.

Monica ColumbusA Reader